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If you don't see your question answered below, please email us!

  • Will the kNot-Tee's toy unravel if my dog chews it?
    Because our toys are knotted, not braided, they will not unravel even if your dog chews it right in half! The ends of the toys are fun for the dogs to chew; please watch that they don't ingest much of the fabric.
  • Are kNot-Tee's toys indestructible?
    Nope. No dog toy is truly indestructible. As with any other dog toy, you will need to ensure your dog is not consuming pieces of the kNot-Tee's toy. Dogs LOVE to pull kNot-Tee's tug toys apart -- and that's OK! Let them have fun! Just make sure they're not eating the parts* that get gnawed off. *Parts that are chewed off are typically very small pieces and can easily pass through a dog's digestive tract (as evidenced by the "confetti-poo" left in my backyard by my one super chewer puppy).
  • My dog dropped his kNot-Tee's toy in the mud; can I wash it?
    YES! Our toys are made from t-shirts, so they are machine washable!
  • How can I donate t-shirts I no longer need?
    Great question! Thanks for thinking of our need for t-shirts! Feel free to email me: and I can provide my address for you to drop them off or ship them to me.
  • Is there a standard length?
    Not really. Our kNot-Tee's tug toys are each one of a kind; no two will be identical. The sizing we use is based on the thickness of the toy, not the length. Generally, the Small and Medium toys are longer than the Large or CHONK.
  • Who's going to receive the donated profits?
    Currently, fifty percent (50%) of in-person sales and 30% of online sales goes to either LovePaws or HART.
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